The Food & Nutrition Group was created to solve a problem while serving a need.  The problem is food insecurity – places where residents don’t have access to affordable nutritious foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains.  Residents living in food deserts also have a hard time finding foods with nutritional value or with relevancy to meet their dietary restrictions.

While there’s nothing novel about having delicious Grab N’ Go items at a community store (c-store), the availability of foods of nutritional value is.  Therefore, Food & Nutrition Group set out to make this the norm.  So consumers who do not have transportation can visit a grocery stores that is a walkable distance in rural and urban areas.

Over 25 million people live in food deserts and nearly half of them are also low-income.  Our research shows their is a need for community stores with fruit and vegetables as a part of their offerings, particular in areas where there are no supermarkets.  Therefore, we are partnering with stakeholders at the city, state, and federal level to reach geographic areas where access to affordable, healthy food options is limited.

Community Store

About 160 million people walk inside convenience stores each day, almost half the US population.  With a customer base this strong the c-store shopping experience, which is averaged to be 3:33, can still be improved.  We are talking from the time it takes you to walk, think about what you’re doing, make your purchase, and get back in your car.  Assuming one has a car.  The Food & Nutrition Group came do much better by the use of technology and listening to the customer.

Organics & Non-GMO

Currently, 84% of the items sold at convenience stores is consumed within an hour.  There is also an increased demand for foods with better nutritional value.  This has resulted in more non-gmo and organics being brought to market.  It has also helped drive the price down since significantly.  We can now determine what new products to introduce based on customers buying habits.  Other key data allows us more sales conversions, rebates, and loyalty rewards.

Motor Fuels

There are 260 million cars on the road in the United States.  In the US 87% of the people drive to work each day.  Additionally, convenience stores sell 80% of the gas consumed in the US.  These driving factors are why a motor fuels business in direct association with a community store operation, works.  Our team has over a dozen years experience in the convenience and gas space.  We work with several jobbers to bring branded fuels and various product types to the marketplace.